The Universal Accrediting Commission

Evaluating equivalency and credentials for individuals and schools in the field of religion and theology since 1992




It is our purpose to achieve the best goals possible in securing solid, honest and true religious education of church sponsored institutions and social programs. The objectives and guidelines for accred­iting are as follows:


- The development of universal cooperation in the field of higher religious education, social work and research, as well as the intensifying of exchanges between its member institutions


- The promotion and development of ties of solidarity and friendship between church sponsored institutions accredited by UAC


- Providing technical services to our members and to religious organizations, as well as the creation of instruments of information and documentation concerning religious education and church social work throughout the world


- Providing beneficial cooperation and mutual understanding between these educational and social institutions by more specific identifi­cation of mutual needs, available resources and the potential for jurisdictional support


- The study of concerns or problems of common interest to these schools and institutions being in various locations


- The promotion and organization of symposia, retreats and workshops consistent with the foregoing objectives


- To build, throughout these activities, a strong church sponsored support service and a community able to promote mutual under­standing among people of different ethnic or religious backgrounds, and thus to serve the cause of true love and peace among us all


- To promote general activities, including advertising and publicizing of our member institutions, on a national as well universal level;


- To create and maintain a climate within which member institutions may better train their students or clients in the knowl­edge and skills required in the educational, spiritual or social field


- The collection of statistical or other such information, and the dissemination of it, to our member organizations or other entities as well as the general public


- The promotion of higher educational standards in the religious field and the promotion of higher professional goals along with the development of a code of ethics for member­ship in our accredited institutions and programs


- The promotion of recognition for member institutions by educational authorities and social services by other organizations


- The transfer of credits, training achievements and employment referrals from one to another member institution


We are always pleased to assist those who have achieved great accomplishments in their personal lives as well as in their professional career. Those who operate a school, a social program or an institute are welcome to explore the possibility of recognition through our church sponsored Accrediting Commission.


(Originally issued on July 1, 1997, and reissued on December 12, 2000, by UAC Commissioners)