The Universal Accrediting Commission

Evaluating equivalency and credentials for individuals and schools in the field of religion and theology since 1992

Accredited Schools

St. Elias Seminary (as St. Elias School of Orthodox Theology from 1992-2009)
Aloha Christian Theological Seminary  (since 2004)
St. Athanasius Institute (since 2006)
World Language Studio, Lincoln, Nebraska (2008-2019)
Meister Eckhart Divinity School, Lincoln NE (since 2015)

Please note that this is not a complete listing. It is updated only upon request. If information is incorrect or if you wish to be listed, please contact us.


Initial Application 

(1) Please ask to have an Application sent to your school. This is usually done via electronic means, unless otherwise requested. Please specify the location and nature of your school. Provide a profile, such as a web site address.
(2) Once your Application is received and accepted, you are asked to submit the Application fee (see scale below).
(3) After your Application and all supporting documents have been reviewed by our commissioners, accreditation can be granted. 
(4) Upon completion of the above named requirements, your document will be issued to you. The school will also be listed in UAC directories and may be promoted through ecclesial channels.

Renewal of Accreditation

- If there are no changes to the school's operation, nature and location, simply submit the respective renewal fee by stating "no change".
- If there are changes in the school's operation, nature and location*, please provide the details on the school's stationary, signed (by the director/principal) and sealed (with the school's official seal). Upon review and acceptance of these changes, the school will be asked to submit the renewal fee (see scale below).

*Changes in operation include: School statutes, purpose and mission have changed; school is issuing programs and degrees higher or different than it is accredited for.
*Changes in nature include: School's operational mode has changed; the school classification has changed.
*Changes in location include: School's postal address has changed; the physical location of school facilities have changed; school web address and/or email have changed. 

Current Fee Scale
(as of 3/1/2006)

 Level of Accreditation

Primary / Secondary  / Home Schools

(Sunday School/Parochial School)

  Level 1
Post Secondary / Graduate Level School (Seminary School)
  Level 2
Post Graduate Level School (Theological School)
  Level 3

Teacher/Lecturer/Professor Tutor/Mentor

(UAC Teaching Certificate)